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thermal heat storage ETS lighting control DES Durango Electrical Services energy audit load control LPEA




electrical Heating & control

DES is made up of a team of experienced professionals who integrate the latest technologies in heating controls, cable and phone networks into both new and existing electrical construction. We also offer Off-peak heating systems utilizing Electric Thermal Storage (ETS) technology as an efficient means to heat your home. You can control the comfort of your home from a remote location across the country. As licensed electrical contractors, we will work closely with both the owners and the design team to make sure your vision becomes a reality.


Heat Thermal Storage

Wouldn't it be great if you could save 40 to 70 percent on heating bills without forfeiting the comfort that comes with a well-heated building? With an ETS system, these significant savings are possible.

The secret to the cost effectiveness of ETS systems (Heat Thermal Storage) is the ability to harness heat during off-peak billing hours for use during higher-priced peak billing hours. Thanks to the high-density ceramic bricks used in an ETS system, even during peak billing hours you will actually be paying non-peak billing prices for all your heating needs because the energy was stored during off-peak times. With ETS heating, you have the ability to satisfy all your heating requirements 24 hours a day using only off-peak electricity which results in considerable savings in your energy bills as compared to alternative heating options.

snow melt

Colorado winters make snow melt systems a necessity! Whether you need snowmelt for your roof, gutters, concrete steps, sidewalk, or driveway. Controlling these loads during the off-peak time of the day can reduce the energy costs more than 50%. DES has the knowledge and experience to assist your needs. Check out some of the products we can provide you over at Easy Heat


load control

Energy costs are becoming a significant expense. Our local electric utility provider offers a load management program called Time-Of-Use. It’s a program designed to reward customers when shifting their larger electric loads to low cost, off peak periods. We evaluate your home and recommend a load controller to fit your lifestyle. For more information on the Time-Of-Use program, click here.

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